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Exclusive Halo Action Figures

Active Camouflage Master Chief
Battle Damaged Master Chief
Battle Damaged Master Chief (black)
Battle Damaged Master Chief (maroon)
Battle Damaged Master Chief (cobalt)





Halo Action Figures
Series 1
Master Chief

Series 2
Master Chief (v.2)
Red Master Chief

Series 3
Blue Master Chief
UNSC Marine 1
UNSC Marine 2
Sergeant Johnson
Covenant Banshee

Series 4
White Master Chief
Warthog (v.2)
Grunt (Orange)
Elite (Red)

Series 5
Black Master Chief
Grunt (Red)
Flood Carrier Form
Elite (Gold)

Halo Mini Sets
Campaign 2-Pack #1
Campaign 2-Pack #2
Slayer 2-Pack #1
Slayer 2-Pack #2
Campaign 5-Pack #1
Campaign 5-Pack #2
Slayer 5-Pack #1
Slayer 5-Pack #2



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Revolutionary style graphics, award-winning game play and a suspenseful storyline has made Halo the defining title for Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 console systems. Just as Halo took video games to a new level, these Action figures and vehicles will raise the bar for the action figure toy industry.


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